The Origins of Negative Zero


Negative Zero was formed by Allen Sulzen in 2005 and had many lineups over the years. The main members of the band were Allen Sulzen on guitar and vocals, Josh Sulzen on bass guitar, Moises Vargas on drums and Marlen Bernd on piano/synth. The band played synth-rock and garage rock revival/indie rock. Many compared the band to the Killers and the Libertines. During live shows, the band was known for their engaging stage presence.

Early Recordings

The San Diego Rock Band, Negative Zero, was active from 2005 to 2010 and wrote / produced 3 albums which were all popular and commercial successes. The band's method was to do all the recording and production itself. In 2005 Allen met with Alex and they collaborated on "Are You a Fan?", the first song to feature Josh on Bass. (see video below)

Are You a Fan? (2008)

These collaborations led to the writing and recording of many tracks which would become the band's first published album, "Are You a Fan?". It was distributed through Sulzen Records and released for sale in 2008.

Track Listing

  1. Are You a Fan?
  2. Next to You
  3. Grass is Greener
  4. Protection
  5. Don't Not Talk to Me
  6. Selfish
  7. I'll be the one
  8. You Got Time
  9. Ridin' on a Horse (Acoustic Version)

Earthshake (2009)

After the success of "Are You a Fan?", the band had songs left to write. Inspiration came from high school days filled with fun and learning. This album was inspired by alternative post punk classics such as "Is This It" by the Strokes, and "Favourite Worst Nightmare" by Arctic Monkeys.

Track Listing

  1. Earthshake
  2. Fraulein (feat. Yanik Thomas)
  3. Gravity
  4. Too Close to Call
  5. Not Afraid of Women
  6. Pancho Villa (feat Nate Soule and Joshua Wray)
  7. Just Say No to Evil
  8. Restless Souls
  9. You Got Time (Live in CA) [feat. Joshua Wray]
  10. Stop (feat. Ethan Jacobsen)

The Halfway King

As the final and crowning achievement of Negative Zero's career, The Halfway King delivers the band's most capable indie rock beats and soundscapes.