Who are these people?

Sulzen Records is an independent music collective that aims to record, promote, and inspire artists to create every day. Services offered include but are not limited to: audio engineering/tracking, mixing/mastering, graphic design, branding, and artist management. We also host and design websites.

Allen Sulzen | Audio Engineer

Sulzen Records began like most things, small and simple. In 2006 Allen Sulzen received a birthday gift from his dad, a Creative EMU sound card, which came with a digital audio workstation and some other software. He immediately installed and started to learn how to capture music on his PC computer. Since then, Allen has recorded and produced six albums for various projects of his own. He has also produced artists in diverse genres including singer/songwriter, rock ‘n roll, rap, and acoustic.

Josh Sulzen | Audio Engineer

Josh is a producer who has an ear for detail. He is also the president of A&R.

If you are interested in contacting Sulzen Records for any reason, please visit the Contact Us page.